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Flood Restoration Service
 Flood Services have to call and give estimate based on size of water damage and level of service required to dry out str

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Flood Restoration in Port St Lucie Florida

Call Professionals to Perform Emergency Water Damage Cleanup

When a flood occurs at your home or business due to an overflowing lake or sewer, calling water damage repair professionals quickly for assistance is essential. Fast flood restoration in Port St. Lucie, Florida is available from trained technicians with the proper equipment and cleansers. Our company has service vans ready to offer water remediation round-the-clock at residential and commercial properties. We advise customers to never attempt a water cleanup on their own with amateur equipment such as household vacuum cleaners due to the hazards of electrocution or slip and fall injuries.

We Have the Equipment and Cleansers Required for Water Removal

Instead of using store-bought tools and cleansers to restore a water damaged structure, we bring equipment such as:

  • Industrial-strength fans
  • Sump pumps
  • Powerful generators
  • Water extraction machines
  • Carpet shampooers

We begin the cleanup process by making sure utilities are turned off to avoid explosions from natural gas or electrical shock injuries. Our technicians prepare generators to power equipment during the water removal process. If water has seeped into a building’s lower levels, our technicians use a sump pump to suction the filthy water into large tanks for disposal elsewhere. Undamaged areas in a building are sealed with plastic sheeting to avoid contaminating additional rooms and ductwork.

Our Technicians Remove Moisture from All Surfaces

Due to the hot temperatures in our area, technicians install industrial-strength fans as quickly as possible to reduce humidity to prevent additional mold growth. We focus on suctioning water from absorbent fibers in wall-to-wall carpeting to avoid contamination from the pathogens in invading water. An important part of the process is lifting carpets to reach underlying layers of padding and tile. To prevent damage to wall insulation and electrical wiring, we concentrate on removing moisture located near baseboards that seeps up drywall to create discolorations and mold.

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Preventing mold contamination is one of the most important things that our technicians are responsible for because the combination of moisture, humidity and spores can lead to huge colonies in hidden spaces such as attics. As we work in a building with extraction machines, we apply sanitizes and deodorizers that eliminate bacteria and odor that lurk in flood water and sewage. We recommend also having all carpet, upholstery and rugs shampooed thoroughly to remove embedded debris from fibers.